Seasonal Install and Dismantle

WASA has range of seasonal customers with domes covering tennis courts, soccer fields, swimming pools, golf ranges, and multi-sport facilities, all of which are unique. We provide an array of services from basic hands on site supervision, labour, equipment start-up, and seasonal application of insulation.

Dome sizes range from as small as a one-piece three-court tennis dome (under 20,000 sq ft) to full size soccer fields (up to 100,000 sq ft). Every project is unique and provides its own challenges. For example, a pool dome with a three story water slide in the center, that also connects to a three story building on both ends of the dome.

There is no job too big or too small, and there is no one more qualified to install your dome more safely or efficiently.

Our experience, expertise, and professionalism enable us to run job sites more cost-effective, controlled and faster than anyone. Our customers remain loyal to our services and we have an industry reputation as being ‘the best’ in the business.

These are some photos taken at the Michigan Athletic Club, where the dome is installed and dismantled every spring and fall.