Lighting, Netting, and Furnace

WASA can provide and install lighting, netting and furnaces. Often times, lighting is a customized component for dome owners. Local lighting companies sell more energy efficient lighting systems to sports facilities. Our job is to make sure the lights are secured safely to the structure. Hanging lights must be secured in a way that allows them to sway and ungulate with the structure in windy or stormy conditions, but also remain sturdy and secure at an appropriate distance from the inner liner of the dome. We can supply and install any lighting system: pole mounted, hanging, metal halide, or fluorescents.

As a service company, our job is to find the best fit for our customer and their particular air structure needs. We can custom fit, supply and install any soccer, tennis or golf netting. We have designed and installed multiple ‘divider net systems’ for full size soccer fields. Our unique cabling system allows customers to easily raise and lower nets, thereby changing from one big field, to two, or four fields in minutes.

Furnaces are another component we supply. We work with more than one supplier, which allows us to get the best price for the best product. We know the units very well, and spend many hours trouble shooting with local maintenance companies to make sure the issues are resolved. On a seasonal application we complete a full maintenance check on units. We also supply and install pressure tubes and wind sensors, and provide training on computer and furnace systems for dome operators.