We are one of the first in the industry to adopt the radiant barrier insulation which can be used in a permanent or seasonal application. Our seasonal customers can save up to 50% on their heating bills in the winter time.

Unlike your typical fiberglass insulation, the ‘double bubble foil pack’ has a variety of benefits. Firstly, the seasonal application and ease of installing it. The radiant barrier insulation is light weight, and quick and easy to install. Second, it retains its R value after getting wet, whereas regular fiberglass breaks down and literally falls apart after getting wet, so every time your dome produces condensation, the fiberglass absorbs the water and eventually becomes useless. Lastly, the radiant barrier has a greater coverage inside the panels of the air structure. Radiant barrier insulation is a little more than ¼ inch thick; therefore it has a wider reach on every panel compared to 3” thick fiberglass.

Improving your businesses energy efficiency is both cost-effective and better business practices. Running a business with a lighter ‘footprint’ is better for everyone. We encourage the permanent and seasonal application of insulation, and we can provide any custom alternation to your structure that is necessary to enable that. We believe that any dome can be insulated! 

We chose a translucent dome to better illustrate the insulation panels once installed in the dome. Notice the corners, and coverage of the radiant barrier panels.