Custom Projects

We specialize in custom projects. We have built a business on the ability to do what others cannot. Our business is service; we fix problems instead of replacing components. We can move doors, add building connections, install snow blankets, piece together massive logos while hanging off a rope, add furnaces, remove furnaces, move airlocks, set up field netting systems, or repair major dome rips, all on site. All the while, the structural integrity of the dome remains intact.

When a dome manufacturer tells you it can’t be done, or it has to go back to the factory for repair, call WASA! Our expertise lies within the field, and it’s our mandate to find a solution to your problem in the most cost-effective and efficient way. Getting it done, and doing better than anyone, is what we’ve built our reputation on.

Sample Custom Projects

Doug Miller Soccer, Spencerport, NY

Installed a new door to meet local building code

Island Golf, Robert Morris University, Neville Island, PA

Installed a custom logo on the top of the dome. We can install a custom logo, any size, virtually anywhere on a dome. In this case, the university chose a 75′ x 150′ sign for the top of their dome to advertise to air traffic overhead.

Coliseum Soccer Inc, Ottawa, ON

To accommodate the new site that this 220ft x 360ft dome was being moved to, WASA had to physically alter the structure to allow for the relocation of the revolving door, exit doors, furnaces, and an air lock to match the foundation footprint. Most importantly we had to ensure structure stability, which of course we did, but the domes indoor aesthetics are also very important. This was completed prior to their seasonal installation, in wintery conditions, under a very tight timeline.