Consulting and Project Management

Having worked in every aspect of the air structure industry, the staff at WASA Inc, has a unique understanding of the integration of air structures from manufacturing to installation. At various times, our principle employees, have worked in manufacturing, service, project management and consulting divisions of the air structure industry. This allows us to have a broader, more in depth perspective of the air structure industry. We see all sides of the equation; foundation construction, dome fabrication, installation, customer familiarization, and ongoing service.

We strive to assist or customers in an “ease of use” feeling. We often hear from customers that have existing domes, they ‘didn’t know’, or were not made aware of their options. Our goal is to eliminate that “should have” feeling, and educate our customers on what options are available and what best suits them. We’re experts; we know what is available, and more importantly, what has been successful. Our objective is to lend our knowledge to ensure you’re project is completed on time, on budget, and been tailored to your site, facility, and customer base.

“When Coliseum was faced with a relocation in 2013 under a tight timeline and budget, WASA became involved as a project manager. In 8.5 weeks a piece of land went from a baron field to a domed artificial surface. WASA provided an incredible grade beam design and reconfigured our existing dome to meet that design. WASA saw us through the whole construction process which resulted in a facility that met the budget and beat the timelines. – Marty Lauter – Coliseum Soccer, Ottawa, ON

Projects we have been involved in run smoothly, and efficiently. We coordinate with other construction crews, and are available anytime for advice or direction. We’re not building your dome, we’re offering a service, your success is our success! Customizing you’re project to you and your future business is our first priority. We can assist with everything from preliminary design and costing, new dome manufacturing, component relocation, custom design fields, netting, doors, and lighting to minimize costs and maximize usage.

We offer consulting on new projects, existing projects, energy deficiencies, furnace issues, lighting, or ANYTHING air structure related, we can help and are a phone call away!