Marty Lauter – Coliseum Soccer, Ottawa, ON

Over 15 years, Coliseum has experienced the major players in the dome industry.  Coliseum will only rely on WASA Inc. as their dome expert.

Functions performed by WASA:
– Installation and dismantling of seasonal dome
– Reconfiguration and modification of dome
– Required service and maintenance to dome and grade beam
– Solutions to weather related challenges

Professional, knowledgeable, accessible, reliable are words that come to mind when describing WASA Inc.,not to mention the human aspect by which WASA conducts business.

When Coliseum was faced with a relocation in 2013 under a tight timeline and budget, WASA became involved as a project manager. In 8.5 weeks a piece of land went from a baron field to a domed artificial surface. WASA provided an incredible grade beam design and reconfigured our existing dome to meet that design.  WASA saw us through the whole construction process which resulted in a facility that met the budget and beat the timelines.

Ron Port – Algonquin College, Ottawa, ON

The Algonquin College Athletic Department has contracted WASA Inc. to install, dismantle and do all the necessary repairs to our air-structure for the past 8 years. Owner Bob Jessome is more than willing to share his knowledge when it comes to air-structures. Since dealing with WASA Inc. it has been a real pleasure to work with Bob. His professionalism and willingness to please has been most refreshing. Many times over the years I have had to place calls to Bob when we have experienced damage to the air-structure and on each occasion Bob has come to our assistance and provided the necessary service which allowed us to continue our operation.

Tim Kirsch – Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, PA

The collapse and subsequent repair of the Golf Dome at the RMU Island Sports Center presented the university with an opportunity to brand the dome, which is a highly visible landmark, in a unique way. Our desire to place a super-sized logo on the roof of the dome, so that it could be plainly visible to air travelers, presented several logistical challenges. YetWASA overcame these challenges and successfully installed a high-quality logo on top of the dome, consistent with our high standards and theirs. We are grateful for the work they did in fulfilling this unusual but important request that allows us to raise our visibility — literally and figuratively.

Brian Williams – Le Dome de West Island, Montreal, Quebec

I have known Bob Jessome and Emily Cameron for many years. I hate, when I have to call Bob, it is always when I have a problem, but it is a great comfort to have such a professional with the vast experience he has in all aspects of air dome repairs and operations. On an annual basis I deem it important for Bob and Emily to do a routine evaluation of my air dome. There is certain things of preventative maintenance that must be done annually, which will always save many larger problems. Bob and Emily have my fullest confidence, and I would recommend them for any and all repairs or maintenance which you will need in the future.

Marianne Buccellato – Hudson Valley Sportsdome, Milton, NY

Bob Jessome has been servicing our air support structure since it was erected in 2004.  Bob is unsurpassed in his expertise and knowledge of all aspects of air support structures.  He is highly proficient in all dome operations including mechanical and backup systems.  WASA makes customer service a priority: when we had a major dome crisis, Bob and Emily traveled more than 400 miles through a blizzard and arrived on-site within 12 hours.

Doug Miller – Sports Dome, Rochester, NY

I bought my dome in 2009 and did not know all I needed to know about my air structure.  Thankfully for me I was introduced to Bob and Emily who have educated me on my air structure but more importantly gave me the sanity to understand how the air structure operates.  Over the past 4 years they have done many projects for me including new netting structures within the dome, installing an additional emergency door in the side of the dome and most recently installing two emergency doors in the concrete structure leading into the dome.  Every year I call on Bob and Emily for my yearly maintenance repairs and they are quick to respond.  If ever there is an emergency they are a quick phone call away giving swift directions to make sure of life safety.  Being a dome owner is much different than anything in the world and 99% of the people out there will not understand but thankfully there is WASA INC AKA, BOB JESSOME AND EMILY CAMERON to meet the needs of all dome owners.

Walt McReynolds – Olympic Indoor Tennis, Columbus, Ohio

I have been dealing with Bob Jessome for twelve years, both when he was working for others and since he and Emily started World Wide Air Structure Assistance.

When I have a problem with, or a question about the air structures I maintain, Bob is the person I call. He has always come through with a solution – if it’s something that he doesn’t deal with personally, he’ll find someone who can – and quickly. Bob and Emily insulated our air structures several years ago and our furnace gas usage has dropped by almost half.

If you want an outfit that is knowledgeable, quick to respond, does high quality work and follows up, I would strongly recommend you talk with Bob and Em at World Wide Air Structure Assistance.

Joseph Clemente – Tri City Tennis, Albany, NY

I am the owner of a large indoor  tennis  facility located in New York State. We have a large Air Structure covering several of our tennis courts. I can honestly say without the help of Bob and the guys at WASA we would not be in business today. On several occasions, Bob has jumped in his truck at a moment’s notice and driven through the night to rescue our structure.  Without a doubt WASA is an amazing organization and I would trust no other company with our Air Structure!

Lisa Craft – Michigan Athletic Club, East Lansing, MI

I am the Facility Manager at the Michigan Athletic Club (MAC) in East Lansing Michigan and we own two large air structures that cover two large outdoor pools and several tennis courts.  These domes are installed every fall, in early October, and removed every spring, in early May.  Our dome applications are very unique since they are large, complex and designed not to be installed and removed every year.  These domes were almost an afterthought, once the outdoor pools and tennis courts were constructed. In the past, we often ran into issues with the processes of putting up and removing the domes.  Bob Jessome and Emily Cameron are true experts and professionals. Their knowledge is invaluable and their assistance with this bi-annual project is very much needed.  They are extremely efficient with the dome installation, allowing for minimal down time.  They have also helped us with many critical repairs, both planned and unplanned, provided us with valuable recommendations, and worked hard to meet our budgetary restrictions. Above all, they are very conscientious, dependable and hard working professionals.  I highly recommend WASA Inc. for any job related to air supported inflatables, whether it involves repairs, installation, consultation or acquiring parts or supplies.