Case Study: Robert Morris University

Robert Morris University had been a long-time customer of WASA’s. We provided them with annual inspections and fixed any minor repairs to the golf dome. On June 1, 2012 we received a phone call about an emergency. We immediately travelled to the site to inspect the damage and it was concluded it was the result of a microburst. This caused the dome to tear both horizontally, approximately 50ft, and vertically approximately 110ft. This was in addition to the complete destruction of one entire section, which needed to be replaced. The challenge for us was physically installing the replacement section into place. The new section would be installed over a 18ft golf deck, with a sand trap in the corner. Adding to the job’s difficulty was connecting the existing pieces to the new section, as the remainder of the dome had migrated very far from its original location due to the violent winds occurring during the initial collapse.  Nevertheless, after approximately 2 weeks on site, the dome was reinflated!

Fourteen very hot and long days after the delivery of the new section, Robert Morris University’s Golf Dome was re-inflated.