Case Study: Hudson Valley Sports Dome

On February 25, 2010 a massive snow storm blew through the mid-Atlantic region, impacting 11 states. It is now historically known as ‘Snowicane’. A customer in New York States owns a family-run indoor soccer business called Hudson Valley Soccer. We received a very distressed call from him in the midst of this storm. The dome’s power had gone out and its gas backup was not starting. The pressure in the dome began to decrease without power to its backup fan, and while deflating, the fabric caught on a pole inside the dome. The dome first ripped from one side to another (approx 250ft), and also tore along the bottom of the dome where it was anchored to the ground, another 100ft. The sports facility deflated immediately and the storm continued rage on, knocking power out to 150,000 people and dropping approximately 24 inches of snow on top of the deflated Hudson Valley Sports Dome. After 11 days of WASA arriving on site, Hudson Valley was re-inflated. The inside had minimal damage, limited to some inner liner replacements and new insulation panels. WASA repaired what seemed like a business-ending, life altering situation in less than two weeks. Hudson Valley Sports Dome continues to be a premiere multi sport facility in Hudson Valley today, and a loyal WASA customer!