Good morning WASA customers, colleagues and friends,  

We are proud to launch our new website today, and have provided a link for anyone who would like to take a minute and check it out. There are some great photos of projects that we are proud to be part of. Some favourites include the new logo on top of Robert Morris University’s golf dome, and also the relocation of the Coliseum Soccer in Ottawa, ON.  We hope this website acts as an interactive place where dome owners can see what others are doing, sharing ideas and information. We will also have a newsletter available for subscription and also published on the site. It will be updated every few months with any relevant industry trends, innovation, or worthy ‘dome’ information.   

 Our list of services is continuing to expand, as is WASA’s crew.  We hope that our customers can recommend this site and WASA to any future dome owners as the preferred service company.

Thank you for your time,

Don’t forget to shovel the snow away from the dome!

Emily Cameron & Bob Jessome

We’ve had another great year! Business is continuing to expand, as is WASA herself, adding employees to our roster to keep up with our service demands. We’ve had some memorable projects this year. Most importantly, being part of the relocation of the Coliseum Inc in Ottawa, Ontario. They moved their 220ft x 360ft soccer dome to a new site, which required ongoing consulting and project management from WASA. It was a great project to be a part of, one that was on a very tight timeline, and we’re excited to of been part of its successful completion. We made many physical alternations to the dome itself, including relocating furnaces, doors, and adding an airlock to accommodate the new site layout. Feel free to check out some pictures under the project titled ‘Coliseum.’

An industry trend that has become more and more common over the last few years especially, is the seasonal application of our radiant barrier insulation. Many customers are insulating on a seasonal basis now. It’s great! It saves energy, and saves on utility costs for our customers! Radiant Barrier ‘Double bubble foil pack’ is easy to install, retains its R-value even after it’s been wet, and is our #1 recommendation for customers interested in saving energy and money! 

The eastern seaboard has seen some very wild freezing weather already this winter. We have had customers from Iowa, all the way to Ottawa, Ontario concerned about the snow sticking to the dome. Not to worry - the domes have shed the snow now, but it’s important for customers to be mindful of the winter weather and imminent storms. Always keep your heat on and pressure high if heavy snow or high winds are possible. Also, be very diligent about removing the snow away from the dome!