WASA Inc. provides customers with a wealth of experience, hands-on service, competitive pricing and the utmost integrity.

After years of learning the trade at some of the best known air structure companies, Robert Jessome and Emily Cameron were excited to form WASA Inc. in February of 2008. Bob and Emily have a combined thirty years experience in air structures, ranging from production and manufacturing to the installation and service of some of the largest air structures in the world.

Unlike other companies, WASA Inc.’s sole purpose is to provide customers with the service they need. Since there is nothing manufactured, there is nothing for sale except excellent service!

“When I have a problem with, or a question about the air structures I maintain, Bob is the person I call. He has always come through with a solution – if it’s something that he doesn’t deal with personally, he’ll find someone who can – and quickly.”

Walt McReynolds
Olympic Indoor Tennis
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